Activating life force from within requires a re-focus. This reorientation enables you to direct your energy in positive directions without losing yourself. It empowers yourself and facilitates you to steer through life with more ease. Unlocking more often the experience of life force such as energy, well-being, flow, and zeste for life.

The shift in focus is a process, in which you learn how to find your way without getting lost or sidetracked. This takes practice and develops gradually, through trial and error. It also needs you to reflect on concrete events/behaviors and the circumstances and to observe your feelings and patterns of thought and reaction. Preferably non-judgmentally, and with discernment.

◊ What is the shift about?
It concerns redirecting your attention from:

  • Living up to expectations, rhythms, and standards of the surroundings;
  • Conforming to cultivated conducts, and dominant power structures;
  • Self-perception in which certain aspects, parts, and skills of you prevail, and the rest is undervalued;
  • Must do, and reactive behavior.

When situations and pressure affect your field of attention, you risk sidetracking yourself <– energy draining:

  • You tend to lose yourself in situations, worries, agendas, things, work, … ;
  • Habits, thoughts, and emotions overpower your ability to see things as they are. Which prevents you from reacting objectively;
  • You try to live up to the standards and desires of others rather than to your own;
  • You make controlled choices and inspiration and flow stem from feelings, circumstances, and situations.

  • Orientation to your inner strength and what matters to you;
  • Staying true to your nature, your inner voice, and body-wisdom (your flow);
  • Trusting yourself to be good enough and to be all of you (holistic self-esteem);
  • Active presence and actions from the inside-out.

When self-care is the basis you decide what you pay attention to and how you react –> energy gaining:

  • You are in the driver seat whilst living in the moment;
  • You master your thinking patterns, mentality, and emotional value; which enables you to observe and react objectively;
  • You set boundaries and hold your personal space (= the space you need to be able to be (with) yourself);
  • Your actions stem from intrinsic motivation and inspiration and flow come from deep inside.
◊ What to give active attention?

1. Inner balancing

-> the aspects of inner balance
-> working on inner balance

-> balancing the masculine & feminine



2. Inner finetuning

-> the physical power sources for life force connection
-> listening effectively to your body and empowering your inner wisdom
-> the art of a calm mind
-> co-ordinated head-heart-hara connection, for a clear inner orientation
-> out of the head, into your body, tips

3. Staying centered

-> finding your natural balance point, to observe neutrally
-> co-ordinated head-heart-hara connection, for a clear inner orientation
-> deepening your inner balance and creating inner spaciousness


4. Inner aligning

-> what is inner alignment about?
-> deepening your inner balance towards multi dimensional being
-> the practice of consciousness-raising