A coordinated connection between head, heart, and hara (abdominal area) supports functioning and decision-making that involve both cognition, emotion, and intuition. It creates a presence-awareness that combines the calmness of the mind with inner alertness without emotions or feelings taking over.

This coordination is the result of a constant fine-tuning between the clarity of the head and the richness of your emotional life, and their both wisdom. Whilst using the heart as a mediator.

To achieve lasting co-operation it is vital to become aware of how the above mentioned relation works for you. Mindfulness benefits this search. It helps you learn to use their abilities in a balanced way as a natural basis for your actions. Effectuating a clear cohesion, a healthy relationship, and a continuous connection, between your thinking, feeling, and (inner) knowing, the rational and emotional, the logic of the reason, the intuition, and clairsentient, outwardly directed creative power and inwardly driven creative power, and so on.

A co-ordinated head, heart, hara connection involves :
Head-heart balance, a cool head and a warm heart

For a healthy relationship between head and heart.

As the mind is focused on control, with this offering a form of security and safety, it cannot oversee what the heart does. In the heart, however, lie the answers beyond reason. For the heart makes contact with the inner world, your inner being.

Tip: You build a bridge between the two by inviting your head into your heart. This is easier when the mind is relaxed and at ease. For this, it helps to anchor or stand firmly with both feet on the ground or to go into nature.

By inviting your head into your heart, you not only overcome the need of the mind to stay in control and not let go. But you also shift the attention from the customary focus on the mind [head] to the heart.

This makes it easier to see things as they are free from judgment or label. Everything can be as it is, when you are present in the here and now with ‘open eyes’, ‘open mind’ and an ‘open heart’.

Heart-Hara resonance as an inner compass.

It is easier to navigate on inner peace and inner knowing from a healthy head-heart balance.

Even if you do not yet see visible results or tangible proof, your heart knows. Here, you feel confidence and that’s where you sail on. For this, the heart-hara resonance is the compass, the direction indicator, and determiner.

A solid heart-hara resonance is the result of an inner process of finetuning the connection between the heart and gut feeling. That teaches you to discern clearly what is right for you without your emotions or feelings taking over.

A well attuned heart-hara connection gives access to your inner world and inner knowing in a pure way; as its attunement clears information from drama, (emotional-) distortion, or any other influence. This enables you to walk your path without cloudiness, burdening, or influence by merely inner guidance.

Co-ordinated head-heart-hara connection.

Creating a natural and fruitful co-operation.

In a well-balanced connection between head, heart, and hara, the head works together with the heart and hara as a useful instrument, instead of taking them over.

Within this solid co-operation, the heart has a bridging function between the abilities of the head and hara. That makes it easier to deal consciously and without judgment with all the information coming your way and available inside you. Since you are present in the moment, you stay oriented on what is immediately experienced in the here-and-now. You perceive both sharply and brightly what you experience.

This way your presence-awareness moves from being active in your head towards clear inner alertness. Enabling you to make ‘tuned and pure’ choices.

This presence also makes it easier to transcend patterns that are part of (y)our usual straightforward way of thinking. It supports you in opening up to other worldviews, perspectives, and opinions without judging them as well. 

Within this well-balanced co-operation:

A good connection between heart, hara, and feet supports more confidence and less fear. As its grounded connection provides a solid foundation underneath ‘natural presence’ and neutral/objective observing.

And a good connection between hara, heart, and hands strengthens action from a receptivity. This true welcoming stimulates actively being open to both receiving and giving/passing on. It activates non-disturbed or pure intrinsic felt actions.


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