Life Force Creation enables to secure more harmony into your life. It empowers you to make energizing choices without giving yourself away. Even in difficult or stressful situations.

It activates a natural presence that allows you to feel safe in being you and to welcome others as they are. It stimulates you to truly live essential humanity, and to act naturally from principles such as inclusion, trust, and equality.


[what?] This website shares information and knowledge to make the above happen in your life. It shows cornerstones, directions, pointers, and tips in what to give active attention.

[how?] It does so from an integral approach. From this approach, head, heart, gut (feeling), will, hands and feet work together, creating synergy.

[why?] The website aims to be guiding, encouraging, supportive, and inspiring for those who want to live essential humanity. As well as for those on their path of staying true to themselves, also in difficult times when things ‘go wrong’. More on the background of the site, can be found here.

The areas of information are:

◊ Life Force:

Using its capacity
The key to connecting with life force
The main principles to take into account

◊ Activating life force:

Shifting your focus
Working on inner harmony

◊ Truly making a change:

Factors of impact making a change
Stepping up in empowerment
Making inclusivity happen

◊ An overview of all information available on this website, link

Reading tip: read the website with full attention. You will miss the scope of the information if you read with half attention.

Life is meant to be lived. It should be celebrated and shared.
Its gift(s) should flow freely, contributing to a life from joy and being spirited. Thus revealing the greatness of the true creative force that we are as human beings, and making real a life in love and light. This would show the true nature of the treasure and the mysterious power of the Holy Grail called life. Life Force Creation is about connecting with this potential. It bridges to respecting its life (giving) principle.