The key to life force connection lies in a well-balanced collaboration between the physical power centers. The aim is to include all that is part of you and belongs to you and to deploy this accordingly. Allowing you to be present more naturally and with greater wisdom, understanding, and empathy.

If you open up only to a part of the abilities of your power sources, you neglect the rest of yourself and exclude aspects that are actually part of you. This causes a fragmented (self-)perception and imbalance that disturbs the natural flow for life force creation. And it makes it harder to experience potential such as vitality, flow, inspiration, joyfulness, harmony, and zest for life. 

The physical power sources are:
  • The clear head
  • The warm heart
  • The solar plexus center as seat of the will power
  • The hara or abdominal area and its natural powers;
    hara is the Eastern word for the abdomen, used in martial arts and medicine tradition
  • The feet and their grounding
  • The hands and their actions
The abilities of these sources involve thinking, knowing, feeling, sensing, wanting, being, processing, acting, and doing

Their potential determines the level of perception and awareness.
This includes, for instance, the physical, sensory, rational, mental, emotional, cordial, sentient, intuitive, creative, vital energy flow (qi or chi).
The abilities also relate to the following fields:
active–passive, straightforwardness–diversity, tangible–non-tangible, explicit–implicit, interior–exterior, visible–non-visible, practical–ideal, pragmatic–idealistic; as well as the physically grounded and the spiritually inspired, the explicable and the inexplicable, the known and unknown.


The core of the power sources and their wisdom
The head and its clarity

In terms of thinking and analytical skills, mental resilience, mental creative force, and cognitive abilities.

The pure and non-clouded power of a clear head can be experienced when it is empty, quiet, and peaceful. This is the case when it does not lose itself in its own maze of thoughts, patterns, impressions, and other mental (creative) abilities.

In this state, the head can experience clarity of thought and awareness. Then its abilities are sharp, clear, and alert, able to oversee things. Out of respect for its own life force it then can act purposefully and calmly, and optimally join forces with the other power sources.

The heart and its warmth

The beating heart is the lifeline for warmth, passion, non-judgment, and compassion. The heart makes contact with the inner world as well. Its connective, easing, and softening abilities blossom when it is open and smiles.

Therefore, the more you consciously open your heart and connect with its wisdoms and powers, the better the life energy of the heart can flow and flourish. With this, you empower the communication of the heart, which makes it easier to use its clear and frank voice in your daily actions. And thus, to express its abilities, such as gentleness, kindness, and understanding.

The solar plexus center as seat of the will power

The will to get things done and to realize something can be deployed from more selfish, materialistic, and ego-driven ambitions or from deeper inner drivers that serve a greater good, higher purpose, or deeply felt longing.

When tapping into deeper drivers the will can transcend ‘ego-drivenness’ and easier serve the more intrinsic, non-material, and spiritual drivers. In this way the will fuels inner growth and self-determination.

The hara or abdominal area and its natural powers

The hara is the sun that shines on the heart of mankind. Here, among other things, your experiences, emotions, and feelings are digested. It is the place of natural creative powers and gut-feeling, the intuitive. It is the cradle for more vulnerable powers without losing yourself / giving yourself away; the womb for self-believe, self-love, self-confidence.

The lesser you are in your head and the lower you are in your body, the easier it is to open up to the abilities mentioned above. Presence in the now (our natural state of being) also takes shape from the hara.

In this state it is easier to balance your mental powers, to connect to life force, to feel its energy flow, and to observe neutrally (objectively). The hara is the place where you come home to the familiarity of yourself. The place where you are, so to say, in connection with your inner sun.

The feet to stand well on the ground with both legs

The earth beneath the hara and the heart illuminates the head, and thus provides clarity of thought.

To this end, the feet ensure grounding and alignment with nature and the earthly orientation. Like a tuning fork, the feet and the legs are the source (or tools) for the grounding and the tuning with what is needed for a grounded base.

They also provide anchoring of your clarity and consciousness.

The hands acting purposefully and consciously

The hands make your motives tangible. They make them matter.

When your actions are in line with what is truly important to you, from deeper inner drivers and in the here-and-now, you make inspired choices and put beautiful things in the world out of self-care and care for others. This way you activate the potential of your life force and feeling entrusted with yourself.

Through a balanced collaboration of the physical power centers and their abilities, you obtain a more integrated and cohesive view of your capacities and (inner) wisdoms. It enables you to touch deeper and meaningful layers of you. Bringing forth a more integral experience of being whole and complete from the inside out to realize it outside.

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