Life force makes you feel energized and inspired. It releases your true creative power from within. Life Force has the capacity to evoke a natural and deep sense of trust in life. Even when things “go wrong. These abilities can be found within yourself. Connecting yourself with life force enables you to tap into this capacity and make use of it.

The key to life force connection

The key to life force connection is a balanced cooperation between your physical power centers and their abilities = head, heart, hara or abdominal area, hands, feet, and willpower. This balance enables you to go with the natural flow of life more easily, while experiencing less frustration and imbalance. It also enables you to tap into all the qualities of your humanity, rather than just a part of it. Read More 

Activating life force and its potential

Life force potential is unlocked by actively working on inner harmony. This involves aligning the forces and wisdoms of your physical power centers (head, heart, hara or abdominal area, hands, feet, and will). It also requires a re-focus. From must-do and reactive behavior to active presence and self-direction. This shift in attention releases your true creative powers from within. It empowers you to send your energy in the right direction without losing yourself. And, it facilitates you to be in synch with the flow of life and make inspired choices.
Shift of focus Ι Inner Harmony  

Truly making a change

Life force creation is about making a change through embodied living. After all, you really make a change when you actually live up to humane values and principles. Even when worlds seem very far apart. Connecting with life force strengthens this ability. It activates a natural presence that enables you to feel safe in being you and to welcome others as they are. In addition, it allows you to put your energy into engaging and empowering without giving yourself away. In this way it bridges to co-creating a joint future from thinking in terms of equality and inclusion. Stepping up in empowerment

Inspiration – How to use your energy more powerfully? 

You achieve this by getting out of your head. As it quickly gets busy in your head, it is easy to lose yourself in the maze of thoughts, impressions, and other mental (creation) abilities.

Inspiration – How to become the sunshine of your own life? 

In short, you realize this by fully letting go of the focus on the mind (the mental and rational) and by taking responsibility for your complete human being.