Life force emerges from a continuous movement of the visible and invisible (energy) flows in yourself. When you are in touch with these flows and respect their vital dynamics, you can experience more flow, harmony, energy, inspiration and well-being. What are the key principles to take into account? 

◊ Life giving dynamics. 
The constant movement is in fact a universal cyclic lawfulness in which various dynamics give the capacity to move, grow, and develop. Think of, how for example inhaling and exhaling, connecting and letting go, movement and stillness, receiving and passing on, and resting and growing interact and alternate with each other.

◊ Respect the natural flow of life (giving) energy. 
When you are well in touch with the life giving rhythms, as if by nature, it brings about a state in which you are doing well, spiritually, physically, socially, and in terms of (life) energy. It also unlocks the experience of things like pleasure, happiness, harmony, inner inspiration and joy of life, and mental wellbeing.

In addition, when you respect and surrender to the rhythms and natural flow of life energy, you can effortlessly move with their flow. You will then experience less frustration and disbalance and more harmony, inspiration, and well-being. Furthermore, you will find that, within this natural flow life itself is carry-fully supported.

◊ Use all of your physical power centers. 
The key to this feeling entrusted to life lies in opening up to all aspects, abilities, and qualities of your physical power sources = head, heart, hara or abdominal area, hands, feet, and willpower. If you merely open up to a part of these power sources, then you neglect aspects that actually are part of you and your body / physical wisdom. This causes disbalance and blocks the natural flow of life energy. 

 Therefore, life force creation is about being in touch with your whole physical body and achieving a well-balanced and harmonious collaboration between your physical power sources. For succesfull collaboration of the power sources, it is key to let go of any power play of the head.

◊ Let go of the power play of the head. 
This power play, which is primarily about control, overpowers the other strengths and wisdoms you have. It keeps you in the head excluding potential such as the value of empathy, the strength of vulnerability, showing emotions and a warm heart, and so on. 

The moment you are aware of this mechanism you can give it conscious attention and shift your focus. Becoming more mindful makes it easier to let go of the need to be in control and the desire to explain, interpret and oversee everything. It unlocks the power of now and makes you more aware of your body and its signals. Besides it secures surrender to trust in – the value of – all your abilities, and to make and keep these alive.