Working on inner harmony is important for activating life force.
The key here is to achieve a healthy balance between the capacities of all your physical power centers = head, heart, hara or abdominal area, hands, feet and willpower. This balance is about a coherent interrelationship and an equal cooperation. Because if you only open to some of these abilities, you neglect the rest of yourself. This causes imbalance and disrupts the natural flow for life force creation.

Working on inner harmony enables you to experience more inner peace, harmony and synergy in life. It effectuates:
  • stability within yourself combined with an attitude of calmness (mindfulness);
  • the ability to send your energy in the right direction without losing yourself;
  • growth towards a more natural way of being and a more neutral way of observing and perceiving;
  • to be more in synch with life and make inspired choices.
◊ The aspects of inner harmonization are about:
inner balancing, fine-tuning, centering, and alignment.
1. Inner balancing

Experiencing peace and harmony begins with realizing balance within. It is the result of harmonizing all sorts of aspects, skills, and abilities of yourself, and continuously working on this balance.

It concerns a good interrelation, healthy balance, and equal cooperation between all sorts of – masculine and feminine – aspects of yourself. Such as your cognitive and more sentient abilities, your mental and natural creation powers, your visible and shadow sides, and soft and hard skillset.

The key is to allow all these sides of you to be present as they are. Without judging or labeling them as good / bad, positive / negative, nice / not-nice etcetera.

You achieve more stability and more harmony with your surroundings and the bigger whole, when you connect with all these facets of yourself in this balanced way with your heart as the central connection point.….. Related information on inner Balance

2. Inner finetuning

It is easier to maintain inner balance when you listen actively to your body and its signals and act upon them.

This requires an alertness based on mindfulness. It is about an inner orientation that goes beyond thinking. That comes from a deeper level of feeling, knowing, sensing, and experiencing that makes you aware of all sorts of signals your body gives you.

Once you understand their different languages you can use its information accurately and consciously in the here-and-now.

Additionally, inner fine-tuning is ensured by a conscious connection between the abilities of the head, heart, and hara. This enables you to combine e.g. your straight way of thinking and intuitive knowing, the rational and the sentient etcetera, with your heart as mediator.

This way you realise a healthy interrelation and clear cooperation of these abilities as a natural basis for your actions and being. ….. Related information on Body-Awareness

3. Inner centering

The more consciously you handle all inner powers, wisdom, and information the more firmly you can stay centered. And, the more you empower yourself to be naturally present in the here-and-now.

Such centeredness is the result of inner deepening and profound inner balancing. It involves shifting your attention from being outwardly focused to inner orientation and being intrinsically inspired.

This is accomplished by consistently working on shifting your focus of attention on “should do” towards “clear presence-awareness” – a state of being free from labeling, judging, or being influenced in any way.

It leads you to a natural way of being and observing => your natural balance point and center of inner balance. This center is accessed from being lower in your body, and less in your head. Physically, it is located in your abdominal area. Related information on Staying Centered

4. Inner alignment

Inner alignment is about a streamline that supports your balance in the broadest sense.

It is the result of aligning all kinds of layers, (body) systems, and worlds of you. And, learning the subtleties (finer points) of their interaction. Through this, your actions become increasingly aligned with your inner wisdom and inspiration. Without losing or giving yourself away.

This form of alignment supports inner flow and generates a more conscious connection to flow in general. It makes you experience synergy with the outer world inside out.

Inner alignment is also about optimizing the circulation of vital life energy around your body. Including the circulation of qi or prana through your body channels and your chakra system (chakra systems are used in various meditation practices).

In this way, you work to optimize the flow of life energy on all layers, physically, spiritually, and subtly. In order to create a well-balanced whole. ….. Related information on Alignment


This about reflects the path of inner growth towards harmony and towards a natural way of self-empowerment. An empowerment that unlocks intrinsic felt energy and zest for life.

Enabling you to be in sync with the flow of your life. And, to live by what inspires you deeply and what brings you joy in all areas of (work)life, relations and socially.