You enfuse making a change by actively working on empowering yourself and others.

What is empowerment about? It is based on one’s own strength. It is a self-awareness tool. To support standing up for your own power, to improve self-confidence and stimulate making energy enlarging decisions. In order to bring out your true potential in you. It is also about reinforcement. With the aim not to fix or judge, but to strengthen. This makes it possible to feel safe(r) and relax in who someone is. With this, you encourage self-reliance and self-awareness. Finally, empowerment also involves giving trust and believing in others. This stimulates self-confidence and fosters an atmosphere of trust.

◊ Working on an open and safe space

When you foster trust and belief in yourself and others, this encourages to bring out the best in yourself and others. Such an environment is further supported by creating an open and safe space for yourself and others. To this end it is important to:

  • take responsibility for welcoming yourself and others as you are and as they are;
  • address the ability to let things be present for what they are, without judgment and with an open mind;  
  • develop a position of understanding and mildness, that helps you to relax in what is felt, perceived and present.

Such attitude will bring down walls of self-protection, bias, discord, disparity and polarity. It bridges towards a common ground for inclusion and equivalence. The handbook “fruitful intentions for an open and qualitative (research) exchange” addresses this (inner) attitude and offers an action perspective to explore.

◊ Making inclusivity happen, what to give attention?

Should we really want to move towards an equal playing field in which all voices are valued, the main question simply is: What stories do we choose to give attention and feed daily?  Some directions to explore:

    • Thinking in Inclusion -> Moving forward in respecting the space of ‘I am Me’ and ‘You are You’. What to give attention?.
    • Meeting in the Middle -> You can come to more constructive action when there is a common ground where you want the same thing. What to keep in mind?
    • Creating a safe space -> A safe space allows everyone present to be themselves. Although what defines a safe space is different for everyone, the playground is similar. What is this about?
    • The practice of consciousness raising -> What is this road of bringing awareness into action and taking ownership about?
    • Make inclusivity happen -> ‘Where can you start and what can you do today? Where do you see room for improvement?’ Some (self) check questions.

◊ Walking the talk as changemaker, changing the norm

Life force connection allows you to tap into all abilities of your humanity and to put your energy into engaging and empowering without giving yourself away. It helps you to:

  • connect with other people and what they really belief and include their voices in your actions;
  • dig deeper in understanding how you relate to others / your surroundings in the here and now;
  • find common ground and co-create a joint future from thinking in terms of equality and inclusion.

Such ability sparkes a movement and bridges towards a healthy and humane connection with yourself, others, nature, and life itself. As you celebrate life from a continuous flow of sharing and caring.