When the head is empty, quiet, and calm, it is easier to experience clarity of thought and consciousness. It is easier to take action from relaxation rather than from the stresses of ordinary life.

To realize this, the head needs a healthy balance as it is the center of our nerve system. So that it does not lose itself in its own maze of thoughts, stimuli, impressions, and other mental (creative) abilities.

Therefore, the art of a calm mind is a mastery of inner life force.

This mastery enables the mind to be sharp, clear, and alert. So that it can oversee everything and can act deliberately and calmly whilst respecting its own life force. And, so that it can optimally join forces with the other power centers (such as the heart, hara or abdominal area, willpower).


How to achieve this healthy balance and calm mind?

You achieve a clear mind by alternating activities with relaxation and things that clear the head.

Tip: For example, by relaxing more and permitting yourself a break or do nothing more often. But also, by relaxing, breathing exercises, meditation or mindfulness, exercise, engaging in a hobby, being in nature, etc.

You will experience more peace of mind and more clarity of thought when you give your head a firm and grounded base.

You achieve this through good contact with the earth (grounding); by standing consciously with both feet on the ground or by connecting with nature or the earth in some way.

Working on a healthy head-heart balance, makes it is easier for your head to step out of its power play.

When you invite your head into your heart, you overcome the head’s need to stay in control and not wanting to let go. In doing so, you shift your focus, making it easier for the head to surrender to trust.

For the power of the heart oversees what the head cannot because of its focus on control, efficiency, reason, compulsive, and rational conviction. It makes connections with our inner world, our inner being.

Tip: Therefore, it works best to invite your head into your heart when the mind is relaxed and at ease. See what is needed above.

When you choose more often and more consciously to combine the voice of the head with those of the other power centers, you create a broader perspective for yourself.

You achieve this by checking regularly to what extent you only allow the voice of the head to be heard before you take action.
Then open up the voice of your heart, willpower, and gut-feeling. And at the same time include the voice of the hands and feet.

This will create a broader perspective and a wider reality. Because you connect the reality of your thinking and conscious reasoning – and its need to understand, explain, reason, and be in control – more often with the reality of your other power centers that work beyond the rational explainable.

By becoming master of your own thinking, cognitive abilities, and mentality, you get into the driver seat.

After all, you are more than your thinking, thoughts, and emotions. And you can transcend these.

Tip: Just become more aware when you are distracted or led by attachment to certain patterns, (feelings of) fear or anxiety, existing survival or control mechanisms, negative thoughts / emotions etcetera. Because then you can take the lead.

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