Inner balance is the result of perseverance and dedicated attention. In which you continuously work on balancing all kinds of facets, parts, abilities, and qualities of yourself. From the heart, non-judgmental and free from past experiences.

For this mastery of inner balance it is important:
To discover how much you – still – think and act out of fear and control.

So that you learn to recognize all kinds of built-in, conscious and unconscious, mechanisms and to break through their patterns.

These are often mechanisms protecting yourself from what feels unsafe and is perceived as a threat. In fact, they restrict your inner freedom, as they prevent you from being able to function ‘freely’. Because these (feelings of) fear or insecurity, no matter how understandable or real, trigger your mind. And thus, appeal to the power play or control of the head and ego.

To work on these patterns without judgment, without labeling them as fine, not fine or heavy, as right, wrong, positive, negative, etc.

The more you are able to do so, the less these mechanisms and patterns of thinking prevail in your actions. And the firmer you empower your strength.

This way you connect to a deeper layer of inner freedom. Since you free yourself from the ballast of the past, from fears, negative experiences, hurts, insecurities, shadows, etc. You begin to transcend the burden of emotions, experiences, situations, or stimuli. And thereby, you start to break through patterns that are part of (y)our usual straightforward way of thinking. Below, under ‘‘, you find some techniques that can help in breaking through patterns.

 To realise the key role of the heart. As it has a mediating and bridging function in this process of harmonising all kinds of parts of yourself.

Its power is that of conciliator, connector, warmer, and bridge builder. 

In the heart lie answers beyond reason. Its qualities help you to free yourself from everything you think you are and should be. They support you in embracing everything what you ‘d rather not be, but is part of you. The heart connects all these parts of yourself allowing you to balance and integrate them. Its connection, therefore, helps you to ease what you experience, think, or feel.

Connection with the heart supports you in aligning what you perceive on the outer world with your inner experience. This creates a more conscious connection with yourself and your environment. A connection that effectuates a level of awareness that allows you to experience a more intense sense of connection and oneness as well.


The more often all parts of you can be present in the moment, from the heart, freely and without judgment, the easier you can experience harmony in the here-and-now with yourself, your surroundings, and the greater whole. Gradually you will experience a sea of inner peace. Even when things go differently than you would like to see.


Tip: Some techniques that can help to unlearn patterns, to unlearn unhelpful beliefs, and so on and, to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling:

    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy / 4G method: Event (G1) + Thoughts (G2) = Feeling (G3) + Behaviour (G4);
    • Sedona Method;
    • Emotional Freedom Technique;
    • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT);
    • Systemic (Family) Constellations;
    • Regression Therapy;
    • Hoʻoponopono / an old Hawaian practice of reconciliation.
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