Balance between your masculine and your feminine is the result of inner growth and deepening. With this process, you connect both aspects of yourself. You open up to their full potential and integrate this potential into your actions.

Think of the difference between the thinking and feeling, being oriented outwards and inwards, the rational and emotional, me and us, the structural and fluent organic, result and process, letting go and connecting, acting and pausing, stretching and relaxing, doing and being, etcetera.

In principle, these qualities seem to conflict with each other. However, like yin and yang, they belong together inseparably. They form a unity, creating a whole. Only then, when both aspects meet as equals, they begin to complement each other. And, set in motion a deeply felt inner flow and love.

Balancing masculine and feminine is about learning:
To recognize and acknowledge both qualities within yourself.

In this way, you bring together both poles in yourself. You connect both aspects from respect and understanding for both roles, qualities, and meanings. The heart has a mediating and bridging function in making this connection.

This process, in which you bring both aspects together enables you to feel and experience renewed harmony. In yourself and your relationships. 

To profoundly understand the variety of aspects of both principles, make them your own, and integrate them into your actions.

As you explore their interrelationship, jointness, and coherence, you connect more and more on deeper levels with the added value of both principles. This enables you to connect with the pure flowing and loving aspects of the masculine and feminine within yourself.


When both aspects find each other as equals and from such deepening, they come home into each other. This re-balance touches a deep intrinsic willingness to move together as one. Then, a magical interaction occurs in which both components complement and enrich each other. Enabling you to take the next step in living your full potential.

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