In your natural balance point you can observe and respond in a neutral way, that is free from the hassle of bias, judgment, drama, or some other burdening. You find this objective observing point in yourself by systematically shifting your attention from outward focus towards an inward orientation.

With this you transform “focus on must do” into “conscious presence in the moment” (beingness). Without losing yourself, giving yourself away, or being influenced in any way. You do this by staying oriented to what is immediately experienced in the here-and-now, without the hassle of labeling things good-bad or wanted-not-wanted. When you determine what you want in the moment, thinking less of things and not clinging to them, you will experience more flow.

To this end, it is important to:
Discover when you are led/controlled by your state of mind or by external circumstances, and breakthrough this pattern

As these are the moments you forget you are not your emotions and thoughts. You merely have them and you can determine how to deal with them.

The often-automatic reaction is to label difficult and not pleasant moments or feelings as unpleasant, bad, awkward, or heavy and to not want them. It triggers something. And your first impulse then is to resist, fight or run away for/avoid it.

Things become easier though when you handle them without the hassle of good and bad. When you look inside, investigate what it is you experience/feel and what this has to do with. And then, embrace the situation/feeling and accept it. Leave it as it is. Free from any judgement or label.

Consciously let things be as they are without resistance or judgment.

This helps to stay closer to yourself and to maintain your self-power (self-autonomy).

Let pleasant and unpleasant situations or feelings be present from the heart and without labeling them in good or bad, wrong, positive, negative, etc. It will give you more peace.

The trick here is not to be distracted by what your head thinks of the situation or experience. Because this distorts your ability to perceive neutrally or objectively and to let things be as they are (without the hassle of labeling). Since such power-play of the head keeps you from finding your neutral state of observing and being. It distracts you from what matters – deeply – to you. Free from any judgement or label.

Hold your own (sacred) space.

This ensures your personal space to be a safe space in which you can stay (with) yourself.

It is about creating enough personal space for you. To this end you have to stay in connection with your heart; as otherwise, your head will take over control.

This making space for yourself enables you to stand for what YOU need and is important for you, right here, right now. Without losing yourself, giving yourself away, or being distracted from your path.

Tip: Ask yourself regularly what YOU need NOW to maintain yourself and act accordingly. It is crucial not to rationalise the answer to this question but to feel it in your bones. With an open heart, since your heart has a bridging function between the thinking [the head] and the (gut-)feeling [the abdominal area/hara].

For example, smile with your heart or breath calmly from your abdominal area and bring your attention to your heart. You feel how your heart slowly opens and expands through your attention. Then, ask yourself what you need and what you need now.
Let the answer arise naturally, let it come to you. This will be easier if there is enough rest in your body and mind. 


The more consciously and without judgment you deal with everything that comes your way and all the information that is available within you, the more you come home in your natural balance point. In the center point of beingness. Physically, this center-point is located in your abdominal area.

Once you move from outward focus to intrinsic experience, inside and outside become more balanced and attuned to one another.

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