Deepening your inner balance and creating inner spaciousness brings you right down in the center of all you are. In the center of your many aspects, your different layers, and viewpoints. 

Multidimensionality implies a complexity of many different aspects, facets and dimensions. You can also describe this versatility as perspectives or points of view and connections in length, depth, height, width, and diagonal, all present at the same time. Once you do find your natural balance point and align your head-heart-hara connection, you will experience this layernedness from the inside (see below for more about this).

What connections can you make for this experience of spaciousness and multidimensional-being?
◊ Multidimensional-being emerges from:
  • deepening your inner balance;
  • polishing your facets and abilities;
  • giving attention to their layers and dimensions;
  • and allowing this all be present.

This exploration brings you right down in the center of your many different layers and viewpoints. The growth process evolves in such a way that:

  • the more your (inner) parts and facets can be present at the same time, the more tangible they will become. You will then experience layers and dimensions of your being;
  • the more all of your abilities and aspects can be brought forward, without losing yourself in them, the more firmly you are centered. And, the stronger your capacity of self-direction (autonomy) is.

In this way, you bring coherence between between experiencing multidimensionality and more inner space [inner spaciousness].

Creating a broader perspective

The experience of inner spaciousness accomplishes an expansion of reality, too. Because it creates a broadening of perspectives as well as an inclusion of perspectives. This brings about a more comprehensive perspective.

  1. A broader perception is partly made possible by connecting the spatial awareness as a mental skill with the spatial awareness as a sensing perception. To support this, the heart is the mediator and central point of connection for this.
  2. This coordinated connection achieves neutral observation, without judgement or distortion. Here, observation, orientation, perception and interpretation take place from conscious presence in your center and a clear interconnectedness between head, heart and hara.
  3. Then, the broader perception arises from a natural balance and attunement between the inner and outer world. This ensures that you do not lose yourself in – the reality / perception of – either one.

Hence a broader perception emerges from inner orientation and a natural way of observing / sensing. Which evolves into multidimensional observing and perceiving.

Widening your field of vision

You can reinforce your multidimensional way of observing by connecting your eyes with your lower body through the spine.

This enables that your eyes not only stay focused on the outer world, but also can see things clearly and at ease in alignment with the rest of your body.

To this end, it helps to picture that you connect your eyes (which are related to your external observation center and focus) with your brains and then via the back of your head and your spinal cord and spine with the pelvis area (which is related to your inner sensing orientation).

This connection of the eye with the lower body brings you more in contact with your intuitively trained eye (your inner eye). You start to look, as it were, ‘with the inside of your eyes’. From a solid cooperation and clear alertness between head, heart and hara and their capacities.

◊ Connecting deeper with both heaven and earth

The experience of inner space is therefore about a state of being and perceiving. This state expands your perspective and field of vision. However, this vision encompasses more than meets the eye.

The expansion also means that you start to feel a deeper connection with both the earthly existence and the universe and its spatiality. 

It thus brings forth a perspective that connects and combines heaven and earth and both their aspects. Within this comprehensive perspective the following aspects can meet as equal parts;

the earthly and that beyond earth, the linear and the spatial – both straightforward and wide-ranging, high and deep, large and small, flat and multi-sided – and matter perceptible to the eye and otherwise perceptible matter or subtle matter / energy.

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