Inner alignment is about a streamlining that supports your balance in the broadest sense. This streamlining is the result of aligning all your different (body) systems, parts, and worlds with each other, and addressing the subtleties of their interaction. This ensures your actions become increasingly attuned to the flow of life and your inner wisdom.

This level of connection is achieved through constant alignment between yourself and your activities in the here-and-now. With respect to (work) life, relationships, and the social sphere. The resulting fine-tuning increases your synergy with the outside world from within. It also creates a more conscious connection with flow in general.

What is needed for this empowerment and aligment?
1) Supporting the inner flow 

Streamlining requires not only that you constantly align the qualities of your physical power centers – head, heart, hara or abdominal area, hands, feet, and willpower. You also need to learn the finesse (finer points) of their mutual dynamics. This refers to:

  1. Mindfulness of the correlation between your physical, mental, emotional, sensory, and processing systems. Since a balanced relationship between these systems contributes to inner balance and harmony.
  2. A balanced use of the world of thinking, knowing, feeling, sensing, wanting, desiring, doing, and being, and so on. So that you deploy these capacities from equivalence and ensure that they work together as such.
  3. Awareness of the subtleties within the constant and natural dynamics of receiving-passing through and connecting-letting go. This ensures continued circulation of inner flow.
  4. Alertness to the consistency between your inner world (the inside) and the outer world (the outside) in the here-and-now. So that your actions become aligned with what is truly important to you and inspires you.  
    2) Establishing optimal circulation of vital life-energy 

    This flow of life-energy concerns the circulation of blood and oxygen around the body. It furthermore involves a more holistic approach to the correlation between life-energy and the functioning of your various body systems. Which is about establishing optimal circulation throughout:

    the body channels through which the life-energy known as ki/qi or the vital air called prana flow. Both an Eastern concept;

    the chakra system, channels energy throughout the body. Chakra are various focal points used in amongst other various meditation practices. 


    3) Connecting the dual nature of the earthly and spiritual  

    Because man is more than just his/her body, inner alignment is also about bringing together the dual nature of the earthly and spiritual or a higher element of existence. This bringing together involves:

    • Integration of both aspects to experience them as one in the here-and-now. Harmonisation of all capacities of the physical power centres lays the foundation for this awareness. It also supports the feeling of being whole and complete [a holistic self-esteem].
    • Combining what you want out of life with what life wants from you. To align yourself and your actions with your reason for being here (your call in life, your WHY). 
    • Streamlining your source energy. So that its originality can work through purely, without distortion, and well-connected. 
      • This is about resolving any past experiences or events that are interfering with your present mental and emotional wellbeing

        You let go and transform these issues of the past through a process of healing. This enables you to re-connect these experiences to source energy and integrate them into your life, renewed and without the burden of the past. The process is comparable with regression and past life regression therapy.

      • Streamlining your source energy also involves body-soul alignment.

        Working on a good relationship between body and soul benefits your general well-being and engagement. It involves identifying your drivers, purpose, and direction in life on deeper grounds. Enabling you to make choices that benefit your highest calling, goal, and destiny. 

          Tip: Meditation strengthens this process. It strengthens the mind, reduces stress,  optimizes the body awareness, and opens communication on deeper levels, including soul-level where your higher answers and purposes lie.

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