You clear the head by taking enough relaxation, rest, and silence. Since a well-balanced body and mind needs a proper variation of exertion and relaxation.

So unwind more. Allow yourself quality time. Give yourself more often permission to step out of ‘must do’ and alternate brain-loading activity with relaxing activity. Clear the head regularly. This enables you to connect more with the rest of your body and become more receptive to your different inner voices.

The more you are in your body, the easier you can pick up its signals. It then becomes easier to discern what is going on, inside you, and around you.

You bring about such contact from a mindful life. As mindfulness makes you aware of all signals, physical experiences, feelings, and inner voices, in the here-and-now. Precisely to take good care of yourself instead of losing yourself.

So, it is about taking enough time and rest to become attentive. To be more in your body and ground yourself. And, to become more open to the wisdom of all your physical power sources – head, heart, hara or abdominal area, will, hands and feet.

How to, tips
Breathing exercises are beneficial to reduce stress and unwind.
For instance, when paying conscious attention to deep and calm respiration through the belly or abdominal area [diaphragmatic breathing] a few times a day, helps you to relax and connect with your (full-)body.
Take a break and/or relax sufficiently. It helps to offload. It clears the head and calms the mind.
For instance, by doing mindful exercises or relaxation exercises, by walking, going into the countryside, or spending time in nature, by listening to music, singing, reading, dancing, meditating or practicing yoga or another oriental exercise. Or do something with your hands, such as gardening, cooking, painting, or knitting.
Remember, positivity and positive thoughts are more constructive than negativity and negative thoughts.
Give yourself a smile regularly. Smile more often inside.
Drink, eat, cook, move, exercise, live consciously. Do it with attention! And with an open heart.
Follow your heart.
Do what feels right. Ask yourself regularly what makes your heart sing, and what gives meaning or fullfillment to your life.
What desire lives (deep) inside you? What does that desire need? And, make space/time for this.
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