What is inner alignment about?

Inner alignment is about a streamlining that supports your balance in the broadest sense. It is the result of bringing together all kinds of (body) systems and worlds of yourself, and learning the subtleties of their interaction. So that your actions become fully attuned to the flow of life and deeper levels of wisdom and understanding.
What are the focal areas to give attention to?

Thinking in Inclusion

Tomorrow’s world is built on mutual understanding. Involving human values that are not empty words but that have actual meaning. Free from hassle or battle. It is about thinking in “and-and” (inclusion).
In bringing this into action, what to give attention to?

Meeting in the middle

Meeting in the Middle is about finding a third space. To search for some kind of common ground where you want the same thing and can come to more constructive action or mutual understanding. It is the space of added value that helps design a common future.
What to keep in mind in search of this third place?

Creating a safe space

Safe Space sets the boundary of your authenticity. It is the personal space within which you can be (with) yourself. And, the sum of all personal spaces that allows each person to be themselves.
Although what defines a safe space is different for everyone, the playground is similar. What is this about?

Background – Life Force Creation

Lifeforcecreation.world comes from an awareness that if we really want to put values of humanity into practice, the main question is: What stories do I choose to give attention and feed daily?
The background of the content of this site has its origin in practice, experience and self-awareness in action. A personal development that I translated into some pointers for embodied living. Here you find my story.