Fruitful intentions for an open and quality (research) exchange, a handbook

The qualitative features and characteristics of being a trusted conversation partner are not considered as integral part of our professional working and living habits. This also seems to be the case in our professional careers, where we tend to put emotions aside and become results-oriented. To become better ‘dialoguers’, however, requires a different way of being and exchanging. The handbook ‘fruitful intentions for an open and quality (research) exchange’ addresses this and offers an action perspective to explore.

Background – Life Force Creation comes from an awareness that if we really want to put values of humanity into practice, the main question is: What stories do I choose to give attention and feed daily?
The background of the content of this site has its origin in practice, experience and self-awareness in action. A personal development that I translated into some pointers for embodied living. Here you find my story.