Life force creation connects towards our essential humanity

This site features knowlegde and information on how to activate this potential from an integral approach to life.

Life force is created by
combining the abilities of all your power-centers = head, heart, hara or belly center, will-power, hands and feet. This ensures a natural way of self-empowerment. It enables you to use these abilities as one joint force within the present moment.
Its full potential is unlocked by
inner balancing, fine-tuning, centering and alignment. This enables you to make inspired choices and to experience harmony and synergy in your life. It establishes a cohesiveness that matches with what is true and important for you.

Life force truly inspires
It brings you home towards a natural and integrated entrustment with yourself and the joy life is about.

It is always to be found inside yourself. Even when things ‘go wrong’. It involves a kind of feeling safe and entrusted with life.
It requires active attention and is about activating inner power for experiencing more harmony, flow and joy in life.
It enables to celebrate life from a conti- nuous flow of caring and sharing and awakens our essential humanity.

One activates essential humanity by
revitalizing the true potential of life force in oneself and empowering others to do the same.

empower yourself and othersĀ 

When creating an open and safe space for yourself and others, you make room for being all-right as you are. This (self-)empowers and enables to relax in feeling safe being you. It encourages self-reliance and self-awareness.

encourage each other to see the good

When feeling safe being you and welcoming others as they are, this stimulates more mutual understanding. Even if our worlds seem very distant from each other. Since we, ourselves, are the peacemakers towards a world that works for all.

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The holy grail called life
The treasure and mysterious force of the grail, involves a force that reveals our own lost greatness.
It connects towards living in love and light from joy for life and being spirited.
It represents the gift(s) of life and the huge potential of oneness (togetherness).

It is a joyfulness to be celebrated and shared freely.

Life force creation unlocks this potential and bridges towards becoming the true creative force we are as human beings.